Facility and Capabilities

Bulk Ingredients and Packaged Products

The IFDF facility is structured to produce bulk ingredients of all types, from whole fruits and vegetables to various cuts and sizes, as well as granules and powders. We also make freeze dried products from purees and concentrates. Additionally, we package our products in high-quality moisture-sealed retail pouches of different sizes, for private label retailer brands and contract manufacturing branded customers.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our facility is among the newest and most productive drying systems available anywhere. Production in our freeze dryers is facilitated by an innovative overhead trolley-based conveyance system for efficient inflow and outflow of ingredients.

Quality Through The Production Process

At IFDF, we create and maintain high quality though both technology and humanity. Our technology includes advanced process controls and systems to operate our modern plant efficiently. Our humanity includes tasting, examining and caring for each product as a delicious, high-value food.

Favorable Location

The IFDF facility in Northwest Washington state is located in America’s finest growing region for numerous small fruits, vegetables and other crops. Our backdrop is majestic Mt. Baker and the stunning Cascade mountain range. This beauty reminds us that our regional ‘foodshed’ is a rich and verdant land that must be valued and sustained. This region also benefits IFDF with a motivated workforce of highly-skilled professionals.

Honoring The Food in Food Ingredients

We focus on a culinary approach to food ingredients, taking care to ensure that qualities such flavor, aroma and texture are enhanced alongside the processes of consistency, quality and efficiency. After all, it’s food that we are making, and food should always taste great.